(Batterers Intervention Prevention Program)

The Van Zandt County Juvenile Probation Department and the East Texas Crisis Center through a collaborative effort has implemented a innovative early intervention and prevention program designed to address male youth who have committed or witnessed family violence, have demonstrated aggressive behavior or acknowledged their violent behavior and have a desire to change it. The Program is designed to hold youth accountable and to eliminate aggressive behavior and affect social attitudes leading to changes in cultural values that are indifferent to or support assaultive behavior.
B.I.P.P. Lessons:

1. What is Abuse? 13. Masculinity Traps 2. Nature of Domestic Violence 14. Male Privilege 3. Quick Steps to Curtail Aggression 15. Jealousy Causes and Solutions 4. Identifying Feelings 16. Self Esteem 5. Expressing Feelings 17. Assertiveness Training Video 6. Self Talk and Reframing 18. Empathy Training (Guest Speaker) 7. Distorted Thinking and Beliefs 19. Negotiation and Fairness 8. Understanding Anger 20. Trust and Respect 9. Managing Anger 21. Accountability 10. Power and Control Issues 22. Family of Origin 11. Video Tough Guise 23. Handling Criticism / Stress Reduction 12. Substance / Domestic Abuse 24. Quality Relationships / Expectations