Passport to Recovery intervenes in a child’s early experimentation with drugs, seeking to forestall the young person’s entrance into the Juvenile Justice System and to prevent the youth’s descent into a cycle of abuse. The program relies on education and the building of awareness within the mind of an inexperienced , experimenter, but offers rehabilitation and treatment services to the more serious, seasoned substance abuser.

Treatment goals include teaching and encouraging users to:

- maintain sobriety,
- learn to lead healthy, productive, drug-free responsible lifestyles,
- develop holistic balance between mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development,
- accommodate an improved means of coping with daily life struggles, and
function on a high level without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Curriculum focus:

- Conflict Resolution
- Self-Esteem
- Peer Relationships
- Family Issues
- Communication Skills
- Chemical Dependency
- Coping Strategies
- Decision-Making
- Peer and Family Pressure