The Van Zandt County Juvenile Probation Department Youth Multi-Service Center is a secure facility that has a maximum capacity for 16 youth. By ensuring the secure custody of youth in a safe environment as well as providing a variety of intense rehabilitative In-Residence Services, residents experience positive growth and development, facilitating their re-socialization into the community and advancing their individual treatment objectives.

We believe in the potential of each youth to rise above his or her dysfunctional past. Each student is a "work in progress," capable of laying aside the maladaptive behaviors he or she adopted to survive. Utilizing a holistic approach, we provide a structured environment, teach self-discipline and present positive role models, discouraging the habitual justification of delinquent behavior because of negative past histories and disadvantages. We teach our residents to live as victors as opposed to victims to realize his or her individual potential and develop a sense of "High Pride."

Stays of residency vary based upon the specific program in which a student is participating. The High Pride Program -- a post-adjudication, Court-ordered program designed for male youth -- provides for stays up to one year.

Shorter lengths of stay are accepted with Intermediate Sanctions services available for youth who have violated their Condition of Probation. The facility offers Substance Abuse Treatment Services Sex Offender Treatment Services in accordance with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Guidelines.

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